A number of non-Muslims have contacted me asking about ruqyah, particularly those who believe in the existence of magic, and are looking for a cure. Below is an example of a reply that may be of benefit.

It pains me to read that some of the problems that you are having have been caused by magic, and I ask Almighty God, whom there is no god except Him, to cure you with a cure that leaves no sickness, and to bless you and your family with guidance and happiness in this world and the next.

Magic itself is a form of devil worship, where human beings make offerings to the devil, in the form of sacrifices and rituals, in order for the jinn (who are a creation of Allāh that we cannot see) to do things for them to harm other people. Allāh said:

"And [mention, O Muhammad], the Day when He will gather them together [and say], 'O company of jinn, you have [misled] many of mankind.' And their allies among mankind will say, 'Our Lord, some of us made use of others, and we have [now] reached our term, which you appointed for us.' He will say, 'The Fire is your residence, wherein you will abide eternally, except for what Allah wills. Indeed, your Lord is Wise and Knowing.'" The Qur’an, 6:128

In terms of getting rid of the effects, it’s not possible for me to say that it will go in this time or that time, but I can advise you that Islam offers the only true solution to the problem. When a Muslim asks for my advice, I simply advise them to read the Qur'an, and to trust in Allāh. You can see the programme that I ask them to do here. However, for a non-Muslim, it is a little bit more difficult. There are a couple of options:

  1. Find someone local to recite Qur’an over you. This would be my preference. If you have a Muslim friend who is willing to help, I would direct them to follow the programme linked above, and to apply as much of it to you as possible.

  2. For you to treat yourself with whatever it is possible for you to do. This can include the use of black (cumin) seed, honey, olive oil, and other things that the jinn don’t like, as well as listening to the Qur’an in audio form. This is a poor second best, in comparison with the first option; however, I put it forward, at least as something that can be done until you can find someone who will help with the recitation.

In terms of point no. 2, I would normally recommend the following resources:

  1. Qur'an audio - at least you can listen to the Qur’an, even if you can’t read it.

  2. The 7 day programme - if a Muslim friend would be willing to do the Qur’an reading, that would be best; otherwise, you could try skipping it out, and just use the ingredients.

  3. A ruqyah bath - once again, you can skip the Qur’an reading component, if you don't have a Muslim friend who can help.

The reality is that Islam is all that I have to help you with. That is because the only true cure is to turn to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and to submit to Him.

What I must emphasise to you is not to go to another magician, seeking to remove what the first one did. There are many people of different faiths who claim to be able to do this, but all of them use magic, and while it sometimes brings a temporary cure, it doesn’t last, and the person ends up worse than they were before.

Finally, I would not be doing you justice if I didn’t take this opportunity to invite you to Islam. You can listen to the story of why I accepted Islam by clicking here, and I'd be happy to explain further, if you'd like to get in touch - I sincerely hope that you will be able to read a little about it and that you will get in touch if you have any questions.

I hope and pray that it is not long before I receive the good news of your cure, and that Allāh - the one who there is no god worthy of worship but Him - makes it a means for your guidance to that which is best for you in this life and the next.

Best Regards,

Muhammad Tim