The following are some ideas and recommendations for those who want to give charity.

Please note that I won't accept any requests to add to this list (although I hope to keep adding to it myself). It's something personal to me, and isn't intended to be comprehensive. This recommendation is purely judged on the work of the charity itself, and isn't intended to represent anything more than that.

Charities are listed by the area that they specialise in. They may also do other things not listed here. They are listed in alphabetical order by category (so please read through all of them before making your decision). Whatever I have written about them is based on my own experiences, and Allāh knows best. You should do your own due diligence before donating.

Da'wah Abroad

  • Invitation to Islam - This charity has done a huge amount of work in calling people to Islam around the world, especially in Africa, with tens of thousands of people having accepted Islam through them. They also print hundreds of thousands of copies of The Fortress of the Muslim and distribute them for free, and build wells and classrooms, amongst other things.

Islamic Educational / Online

  • The Humble Foundation - This is my personal effort to give something back to the community, through a number of projects, primarily in order to educate the Muslim community and spread the message of Islam. Please note that I am legally prevented from benefitting from this organisation and all donations go towards the projects themselves. In general, the Humble Foundation doesn't accept zakaah for its own projects, and simply passes the money on to trustworthy organisations and individuals for distribution.


  • Time Zone Mosques (Website in progress, Email) - This charity has a very simple mission: to build a mosque in every time zone. With 13 mosques completed, and several others in planning, it's a fantastic project which has a strong emphasis on following the Qur'an and the Sunnah, according to the understanding of the early generations.

Orphans & Widows

  • Ar-Rahmah Trust - This is a charity part-established by a close friend, with the aim of alleviating the suffering of vulnerable orphans across the world, whilst also providing the poor and needy with vital support in the form of food, aid, shelter, healthcare, education and vocational training. They also support widowed women.

Poverty Relief

  • Families Relief - In terms of large charities that specialise in poverty relief, I've had a pretty bad experience with most. There is a lot of wastage, and very little seems to reach those affected. Families Relief is the exception to that rule, and a charity that I've had dealings with for several years. Their work in Gaza is of particular interest.

Sadaqah Jaariyah (Continous Charity)

  • Seeking Reward Foundation - Seeking Reward Foundation works only on projects that will benefit those involved after their death, as sadaqah jaariyah. They have a project to build water wells in Africa, amongst other things.

Syria & Refugees

  • Crisis Aid - The charity formed after the Keep Syria Warm campaign, they have expanded to cover a number of causes, including aid for refugees. This is another charity where we have consistently seen donations reaching the most needy, and I know a number of the brothers who are or have been involved in the various projects. It is also a charity which accepts donations of tangible items such as food, medication, blankets and clothing, as well as monetary donations. See their website and Facebook page for more details.

Women & Young Girls

  • Bradford Women's Centre - This is a not-for-profit organisation based in the Bradford area, ran by women for women. They offer Islamic classes, vocational training, sports facilities, clubs, and activities for women of all ages, including young girls. Each year is a challenge for them to raise enough money to keep the centre running, and they rarely advertise their need for donations.