What is your advice to people who suffer from frequent nightmares. Can these be symptoms of a more serious problem?


There is no doubt that nightmares are from the shayṭān. The link between them and the shayṭān means that they can also be a symptom of a more serious problem. Generally, if the nightmares are varied and infrequent, there is not too much to worry about. However, very frequent nightmares, nightmares which repeat over and over again, and nightmares that contain signs of an affliction are all symptoms which should be checked out. At the same time, there are other possibilities, and diagnosis should never be made on the basis of nightmares alone.

In terms of preventative measures, there are a number of things that can be done. I recommend the following:

  1. Removing anything from the house which attracts the shayṭān, including TV, pictures, music, and the likes. If you don't have the ability to remove them from the house because of living in shared accommodation, then at least removing them from your own room is a start.
  2. Strictly performing the supplications and words of remembrance which protect you from the shayṭān, particularly those which are said in the morning and afternoon, and those which are said before going to sleep.
  3. The etiquettes of bad dreams and nightmares. I would highly recommend the Dreamer's Handbook - please buy a copy and support the author, if you find it to be of benefit.
  4. The general means of protection mentioned in the article How Can I Protect Myself?
  5. Observe the etiquette of closing the windows and doors at night.
  6. Implement the 7 day programme up to twice a month, and you can even go as far as putting the oil on every single night, even outside of the first three days of the programme.

Allāh knows best.